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In preparation for the tv series screening, I got hit with some of the worst news of my life. I am a very private person, but if Father gets the glory.. then I will share.

I have been in and out of the hospital all this year, but I have always known that no matter what is going on in my body...I am a Healer that Heals.

As I was rushing around to get things together for the screening, I got the news that the reason I have been feeling so badly is because I have chronic blood clots in my body. They hoped it hadn't already hit my lungs. I had been having breathing issues, and my Body felt inexplicable pain constantly from lack of oxygen flow. But I'm black, from Englewood, and I am a woman who knows her God.

Father had delivered me 10 years ago, when I couldn't walk for 8 months from the same issue.

I had a choice to make. Believe Father or give a pity party for myself. I chose Father. As the doctor talked he said from how all the tests and imaging he couldn't understand how I could walk, that I wasnt ashen, and lethargic. I knew it was Father.

As I continued to go around picking up equipment, I kept hearing apostles first prophetic word to me. He said If I be a prophet of God, I see you in La, atl, vegas, Broadway. A position will open and it will be a portal that will open the doors of Hollywood. He said that many who are more experienced I will fly past because of how I will minister on sets. His last word was, this sickness is not unto death. As I walked, I heard this over and over again. This is not unto death. This is not unto death. So I smiled. Father said I was impervious.

So for me...I am Desperate...Desperate for Change.

I want to see people well and moving in Father's glory.

So this is why I am beyond excited!!!

To Father God who makes the impossible possible. From me being the computer nerd, to now actress, writer, project manager, UPM, and now Associate Producer. He saw my destiny, and I will continue to agree with Him.

Thank you Jesus for your strength, and Holy Spirit for your wisdom.

Thank you to all who came and purchased a ticket. I never take any of this for granted.

Father doesn't do residue. I don't look like what I am dealing with. So as I walked around, i was grateful that good people can win no matter the attacks the no good dirty dog of

a devil tried, and happy to be alive.

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