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As an avid student, Nicole began her career journey by attaining her BS in Computer Information Systems at DePaul University. Believing that she could play a vital role in bringing computer literacy to inner-city communities she was greatly taken aback when a Photographer saw her and advised her to get into runway modeling. Soon after, Nicole found acting as a catalyst to enhance her modeling, but little did she know that it would soon take the leading role in her career plans. Getting bit by the acting bug, Nicole has been in Chicago Fire, Randy to the Rescue, U and Me in the Morning, multiple appearances on the Steve Harvey Show, and numerous other television programming. Nicole’s undeniable talent has gotten her cast in Jaded, Over the Edge, Paradigm Grey, Project Fly, Division, and currently in the Desperate TV Series as Kelly. Nicole loves how acting can motivate others to live out their dreams and aspirations. Starring in Richard Gallion’s , Voice of a Child, Desperate, When Silence Screams, and Living Without Love, Honorably Discharged, and the lead role in I CANCER-VIVE only shows that the sky is not even the limit for this gifted actress.

Whether in front of the camera or behind the scenes as a UPM for the Desperate TV series, Creative Director for “The Back Story”, Artistic assistant and consultant for numerous other projects, Nicole is all about the Creative Arts Life. Nicole also invests her time and resources in mentoring/training a group of gifted teens and children to learn all aspects of acting, directing, writing, producing, and investing.

Loving the ability to create her own characters, Nicole has written her first Christian Fiction novel, Greater Exploits of Love, and is currently turning the novel into a stage production called, the Principle.

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