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When people just want to do what they want and say it's because of fear that I wear my mask.

I trust Father God to protect me no matter what.

At the same time, someone else whose immune system is not as strong as mine, who is older, younger, or doesn't have good sense I can be protected by just wearing a mask when I am in public.

You can be asymptomatic and now it people!

It is spreading because everyone is willing to fulfill a temporary selfish need.

But love sacrifices.

I love you too much to risk you getting hurt when I could have helped protect you!!!

So now look where we are!. Will you listen now?

Or Will total lockdown be better again?

With the very president, major leaders, in my world for actors directors and producers being hit, and entire families falling ill...

Is that worth it to you because you are used to being busy?

Or will you take a moment in this time to function in another of your great strengths and talents???!!!

This is a time of new inventions, products, training, and more...

It doesn't have to be just for who I know or my family that I can pray for.

Mental hug.


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