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10. Do not let a man play games with your life. You DO NOT have to be a baby momma to keep him. 9. Do not let a man tell you that having sex with him will keep him interested. In most cases you are 1 of 3 females he rotates already. 8. Do not let a man tell you that he will marry you someday, unless u set "someday" to be a real day. 7. Do not let a man tell you that you are just a fling. The only thing that you should fling is the he is sending your way. 6. Do not let a man make you a "wifey" that give him all the benefits of one with the covering a man should give one. 5. Do not let a man make you feel that your feelings and thoughts don't matter. Sis there are men out there who will listen to your heart, and help you heal the hurt. 4. Do not buy a man things, your bed, share your home and car, and not reciprocate the same in giving you a title and respect for value. You do deserve more. 3. Do not give a man the right to tell you to stay away from your family, friends, support system or other men if he doesn't even give you the proper care and treatment. Isolation is a set up for control and Narcissism. 2. Do not let a man play ping pong with your heart, and or the heart of your children. Either he is in or he is fully out. No coming back in for this next 5 months for winter. 1. Do not let a man not give you access to all his secrets, phone, friendships, etc. A man who has nothing to hide will freely allow you into his world. He will answer all your cares, triggers, questions, and issues with love and care because you mean more than any insecurity.

Love you sis...but do not.

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