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It sickens me to literally listen to a group of women plot to get a man. The sabotage, the trickery, and the absolute craziness.

They stalked his Facebook, created bogus accounts, got close to his dearest people and family. He liked short hair and big bottoms. They cut their hair and got the new body shapers for their behinds. And you got it they all wanted the same dude but was willing to share him. They Lied, cheated, and literally discussed their escapades.

So sad. Men watch yourselves. These chicks crazy. They will be content just sleeping with you as they sleeping with others.

And they didn't even look like thotties. Or stanks.. hood rats. It shocked the mess out of me.

Praying for you.

And the kicker. Main Chick had caught something from the dude she currently was with, and was gonna cast her full assault on the new dude once She said that cleared up.

Praying for you.

Everything freely given doesn't have to be received. Also, chicks talk and share all your business and escapades.

Better to just keep your no no places in check.

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